about us

HarvinleyPet provides comfort and delight to cats and dogs, through modern design and exceptional service.

We know that life is better with cats and dogs.

It’s our goal to make life even better for all cats,dogs and the people who care for them.

we are selling pet products online in us,Our company located on shenzhen ,guangdong china,We supply pets produtcs online!

Whether your pet is scratching, climbing, playing, or napping, HarvinleyPet creates modern, thoughtfully designed pet supply that meets your pet’s needs, and enriches the spaces you share.

“Harvinley Pet strives to be the best resource for every breed-specific health issue. That’s why every single product and piece of content featured on the site has been expert-reviewed and is both vet and pet approved. “Harvinley Pet's customers are looking for the very best in quality and design for their pets and they are passionate about the unique needs of each breed. We know every breed has different wellness needs and that's why we created customized products to give them the happiest and healthiest life possible.”