How To Travel Long Distance With a Pet Safely

How to travel safely with pets: here are some suggestions

Travel is an indispensable part of our life. It is what we do for work and entertainment. Of course, when you travel, you will want to take your pet! Seeing new places and meeting new people are rewarding for pets. They benefit a lot from it. Whether in the car or on the plane, please refer to the following safety tips to ensure that your limb partner is as safe as possible during the journey.

Travel tips in any form

To make sure your pet is ready for the trip, you can simplify the process by doing something at any time before the trip.

Check your pet to make sure it is healthy enough to travel.

Make sure they are familiar with the crates or means of transport they will ride; Comfort is the key.

Expose them to high energy and make sure they stay calm.

Just do the following things to really reduce the pressure of travel on you and your pets and make travel safer.

Travel by car

Traveling in the car with your pet seems obvious, but when you decide to drive across the country, the situation changes. Long distance travel is difficult for people, so it is certainly difficult for our pets. Many of the following suggestions are not limited to long-distance travel, but become more important during long-distance travel.

Ready, ready, ready

Make sure you are well prepared before attempting a long trip with your pet. This can be achieved by letting your dog walk longer and longer in the car to ensure that it remains quiet, cool and quiet. The last thing you want to do on a road trip is to find them unhappy about sitting in the car for a long time!

Correct feeding

It is recommended that you ensure that your pet eats about three hours before starting the trip, especially if they are prone to stomach pain during the trip. Also, make sure they are not energized while the vehicle is moving. During the journey, book food for your rest time. Danger of suffocation from shaking while driving.

  • keep in contact

    Both animals and humans need seat belts. There are many options on the market to keep your big variety unimpeded, which is very comfortable for your pet. If it doesn't work, a safe crate is OK. For smaller breeds, consider using a small breathing carrier so that your dog can see the world around him and can be bound and safe at the same time. If your pet, regardless of size, simply cannot adapt to the means of transport, there are ways to create seat belts and seat belt safety constraints.

    Prepare your travel bag

    Pet travel kit is very important! They shall include the following:

    Food, water and bowls

    Walking points (belt, necklace and toilet bag)

    Favorite toy

    Candy, of course.

Although not packaged in a kit, it is recommended to carry copies of important animal documents, such as rabies vaccination certificate and any health certificate. If you cross a state border, it's best to check whether you also need special documents!

Frequent parking

Although your pet may tell you when to go to the bathroom, don't wait until they go to the bathroom! Parking on the road is always a good idea. They give you and your dog a chance to get out of the car, stretch, go to the bathroom, eat snacks and drink water. In addition, most rest areas have special areas for cats. Be sure to use them when marking!

Don't leave them alone.

It doesn't matter, just a minute; Don't leave your pet alone in the car. This is a scene that may cause problems. There are many reasons. Your pet is safer to have a human partner in the car at any time. In hot weather, even if the windows are open, the pets in the car are easy to overheat. When the weather is cold, the car will become a dangerous cooler.

Travel by air

Although road travel is interesting, when you don't have time and need to reach your destination quickly, traveling by air is the right direction. Although this is not always an ideal way to travel for large races, it is not difficult for small races to travel back and forth from their destination. Let's talk about pet safety!

Consult your veterinarian first

Before flying with your pet, consult his veterinarian and check to make sure he is ready to travel by air. Some varieties are more difficult to travel by air than others, which may pose a health threat if they have to travel by air. The important thing is that they are healthy and can fly safely.

Consult airline

If you plan to travel by air with your pet, please contact the airline you want to book. Sometimes, pets in the cabin can create lovely stories, but not all airlines provide cabin accommodation for pets. Points verified with airlines:

Can my pet sit in the cabin? It usually depends on how old your puppy is.

Do I have to produce documents to qualify my dog for the cabin?

If I can't take my pet to the cabin, can it sit in the cargo cabin?

Book direct flights

Whether your pet is in the cabin or in the cargo cabin, do your best to book a direct flight so that your friend can be freed from his / her carrier. Long stays and restrictions on your animals may make you and their experience less important.


Most airlines tend to let dogs travel in the cabin, but the number of pets in the cabin is likely to be limited. The sooner you inform the airline that you will travel with your pet, the better. Cabin travel requires an airline that meets airline standards and complies with your travel company standards.

Cargo hold

There are many risks and precautions in the cargo hold. Usually, only larger species need to pass through the cargo compartment because they can't travel in the compartment like cats. Any incidents involving pets must be reported. If you are interested, you can view these data.

If your animal travels through the cargo compartment of an aircraft, please follow the following instructions:

Make sure your pet can be identified by a label containing your information and your destination information.

Inform the crew of your flight that there are pets in your cargo hold.

Ask if you can observe your animal load to keep your mind calm.

Avoid traveling during extreme weather, such as hot or cold.

Avoid flying during peak tourist seasons (such as holidays).

Once you check your pet in a safe place, make sure it is not injured in flight.

Before considering using the cargo hold, please try to determine whether you can choose to take a car, because it is safer and less stressful than taking a plane through the cargo hold.

The right path

Traveling with your pet dog may be a fun way, but it must be safe. In addition, making sure your pet has an electronic chip can also reduce some of the stress and worries inherent in travel. For dogs, the best travel choice is always cars, but if you take the right precautions and measures, it can also be safe to travel by air. Keep your friends on all fours safe and have a nice trip


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